Xeos Technologies Incorporated ARGOS System

Xeos Technologies required assistance with developing a weatherproofed case for a miniaturize ARGOS satellite transmitter. An initial Nova Scotia provincial voucher enabled Xeos to work with Robert and the NSPDDC team to design and test a system for enclosing the Xeos proprietary ARGOS communications device.After several design iterations and rapid prototyping to confirm the design, the best solution was selected.

NSPDDC was also able to source a better potting material with good flow characteristics that could be injected inside the new plastic housing to encase the device. This provided more uniform coverage and streamlined manufacturing process. Xeos reported they were very pleased with the results of this work and that this project was very successful from their perspective.

Based on this initial success, Xeos would like to continue working with the NSPDDC team to develop another radio frequency friendly enclosure using the results from the first project. This enclosure will be for an Iridium satellite transceiver. A key challenge for this project is the development of a cost-effective system for assembling the two parts of the enclosure in a weatherproof

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