Inventor Featured in Alumni Magazine

INNOVATION: Engineer Matt d’Entremont has
always been curious about making things work
better. It has taken him from reading Popular
Science magazine as a child to being published
in the magazine as an inventor. And it
makes him a great director of the iDLab which,
with the Product Research and Design Group,
makes up the Nova Scotia Product Design and
Development Centre (NSPDDC).
FOUNDATION: d’Entremont began his career
with 10 years in commercial product development.
Since joining the iDLab more than a decade
ago, he has supported companies in Nova
Scotia from inside Dalhousie. Most recently, he
has been involved in the development of medical
devices, projects that he says are particularly
rewarding, as they have the potential to
improve patient care.
INSPIRATION: The inspiration for the NSPDDC
stems from seeing start-up companies create
technologies and products and, in turn, create
jobs. d’Entremont has helped several startups,
including one creating playing surfaces from
recycled rubber. The NSPDDC is unique in that
it provides tools and resources to solve and accommodate
requests of varying degrees.
IN HIS WORDS: “The NSPDDC is about creating
new products and improving processes for entrepreneurial
start-ups, companies and medical
professionals. With Dal and the Centre’s resources,
we provide an expertise to businesses
to create and increase exports from Nova Scotia.
The NSPDDC is an important part of the innovation
fabric of the community.”
WHY IT MATTERS: As Nova Scotia focuses on
economic development in response to the
oneNS Coalition, the Centre can play a key role
in supporting new enterprise. “I believe we can
use our training and developed skills to contribute
to increased opportunities and seed
startups with the technology solutions required
to be on the cutting edge.” —Jennifer Moore

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