Data Vault Technology: Dominion Diving Launches New Product Into The Market


Published in  Canadian Association of Diving Contractors Magazine, Fall/Winter 2011

In this new age of fast advancing technology, the ability to acquire, store and transfer high quality digital data has progressed exponentially. However, as many have experienced, data retention is an ever present demon- particularly in harsh weather environments.

In the past, with classic VHS tapes, data retention was almost automatic. Subsequent to upgrading storage devices to DVD and hard drive formats, we instantly experienced data loss issues. As for most diving companies, lost data footage can be a very expensive mistake.

“The systems we were working with were simply not meeting our needs, and it was critical that a solution be established” says Shawn MacPhail, Operations Manager at Dominion Diving Limited. “Our main focus was immediately directed to 110V power loss or interruptions and superficial damages such as scratches, moisture, and temperature on the DVD’s.”

In conjunction with the Dalhousie University ID Lab, Dominion Diving developed a system which combined both old and new technology to produce a video system that was designed to offer a lifetime of unproblematic performance, functionality, and durability.

Beginning with the Alpha prototype and progressing to the final Beta Data Vault, Dominion Diving is proud to announce the launch of the DVT (Data Vault Technology) Underwater Video System.

Constructed from corrosion resistant materials, the DVT is set within a durable-waterproof Pelican case. The custom design integrates superior safety features which set it apart from similar products on the market. We have built-in a top of the line GFI (Ground Fault Indicator) to ensure additional safety for our system and divers. Additionally, the system has been outfitted with emergency overrides conforming to IMCA standards, USB and RCA video data ports, and thermal/luminous self resetting circuit protection switches.

Dominion Diving designed and manufactured the custom internal circuit board which accommodates a power supply system capable of operating a wide range of cameras. Our surface volume control system has been developed to allow for possible modifications under varying site conditions of the diver’s voice and topside tender, which is compatible with a visual LED meter that ensures captured audio. Data collected from the system is stored on mini DV tapes, minimizing the concern of scratching or deterioration over the years, and verifies a permanent record is kept.

Dominion Diving has completed assembly of four DVT systems. For any additional information, please contact Catherine Abbott at


Special thanks to Matt D’Entremont and his team at the Dalhousie iDLab (NSPDDC) for their hard work for this project.

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